Epoxy Grout Pro balcony resealing & epoxy regrouting services have been engineered to address balcony & patio leakage ingress & efflorescence formation.

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Efflorescence is a pretty word for an ugly problem. Chemically speaking, efflorescence means “flowering out” and refers to loss of water of crystallization from a salt into the atmosphere after exposure to air. Efflorescence looks like a white, powdery, fluffy deposit on surfaces like brick, concrete, and tile. Water dissolves salts inside the masonry or tile bed while moving through it. Afterwards, the moisture egress evaporates, leaving salt on the surface. You’ve probably seen efflorescence on a large scale in parking garages or stair risers, and other concrete structures, where it looks like trails of white crystalline material left behind when water evaporates.
If you notice efflorescence between tile joints or running down facades or stair risers, it may be due to tiny hairline cracks in your balcony tile grout lines or seepage getting n behind and under the tiles allowing water saturation of the tile screed or bed. Masonry building materials can be protected against it by treating them with a sealer that impregnates the material and repels water. Sometimes efflorescence is the only clue that you have cracks in your balcony tile joints. But if you notice it soon after it becomes apparent, then repairs to the cracks will probably be simple. Efflorescence can be removed with phosphoric acid but this depends on the tile or material used, but it is important to repair the cracks and check for any other possible area of ingress, such as storm moulds, sub sills, behind skirting tiles or balustrade penetrations to name just a few places. Epoxy Grout Pro can repair this type of ingress without pulling up tile at all.
So really, efflorescence may be a blessing if it helps you find points of moisture egress because you can often seal the leaking balcony and prevent damage to the subfloor and other substructures. While water repellents of years ago often trapped moisture inside masonry, causing more problems than they solved, today’s sealers do not do this, and they are made to withstand years of foot traffic and environmental condition exposure.
Remember that a leaking balcony can be unhealthy and unsightly, both to your family and to the subflooring and even the floor joists if it goes on long enough. That’s why it’s important to stop water egress leaks as soon as possible after finding them. Cement grout will eventually age to where they can’t do their job effectively, but fortunately, modern repair compounds can make up for a multitude of small sins like moisture egress that shows up due to efflorescence. These repairs can generally be accomplished in a matter of hours or days and they don’t involve lifting the tiles or otherwise tearing up the balcony or patio.

Cementitious grout will always erode and wash away allowing ingress of water – Epoxy effectively will last a lifetime!



Epoxy grout stops the saturation beneath the tile contributing to the egress and leeching of efflorescence, calcite formation & water ingress into the structure. Leakage!


Leaking Balcony Resealing & Repair

Epoxy Grout Pro balcony resealing and balcony regrouting service is engineered to stop leaking balconies and patios without the need of tile removal.

Our Clients include developers, builders, strata’s and remedial repair companies & home owners are utilizing our service to remedy efflorescence and calcite formation found throughout many balconies’ patio, courtyard and stair construction of today and is the second most common building defect after waterproofing failure.
Our injection, epoxy regrouting and resealing process stops ingress at the source! through the grout joints.

The process stops the saturation beneath the tiled contributing to the egress and leeching of efflorescence and calcite formation over time. The saturation is also contributing to emulsification of the original waterproof membrane.

A waterproofing membrane, unfortunately today, is not a permanent solution against water damage.


There are several reasons as to why the waterproof membrane application may eventually fail or emulsify, leading to structural damage, costly repairs, heartache & stress.

  • Building movement
  • Re-emulsification
  • Constant moisture, ponding
  • Lack of contractor experience for the application
  • Cost and Time factors

These are all contributing factors!


Waterproofing is 1% – 2% of the total building construction costs, and accounts for up to 80% of the complaints & defects.

of complaints & defects are relating to Waterproofng

Today’s developments are built by the accountants, not builders!


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