Leaking shower & balcony repair service – Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here are the most common questions we get asked, and our typical response.
Epoxy Grout Pro is committed to providing each and every customer with a superior service experience. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

The Epoxy Grout Pro  $320.00 Shower FLOOR PERIMETER epoxy regrout shower service can take between 1 – 2 hours, and your shower can be used the next day.

The Epoxy Grout Pro $400.00 shower FLOOR AREA epoxy regrout shower service can take between 1 – 2 hours, and your shower can be used the next day.

The Epoxy Grout Pro $645.00 FULL shower resealing & rejuvenation service and regrout can take between 1.5 – 3 hours, and your shower can be used again 24 hours from service completion time.

An Epoxy Grout Pro balcony service can take anywhere from 4 hours – 1 week, depending on the scope of works required, cleaning process and moisture content within the screed and of cause the size of the leaking balcony to be sealed.
Tip: The cleaner the surfaces are before the service starts will reflect on the overall final appearance. If your shower has deteriorated beyond an acceptable standard a chemical clean prior to sealing may be requested.

It is recommended that the area be clear, clean and dry for the service therefore we ask that you do not use the shower or shower bath on the day of service.
Last shower the evening prior to the technician arrival.
Tip: Dry the area with a towel after the last shower; Give the shower a light clean; Remove any personal care items from within the shower such as your shampoos, cleaning products removable shelves or racks etc.
The shower, shower bath or balcony may usually be used the next day. We say 24 hours from completion of the service.
Longer periods are required at times as the procedure varies for individual requirements. Periods range from 24 – 48 hours from completion of service.
There will be minimal noise, mess and disruption. Our technicians are clean and tidy respecting your home at all times. The actual process requires a few minutes of acceptable noise and dust is not an issue as all technicians are required to carry vacuum cleaners.
Once again different procedures require different chemicals and products. Most services leave no noticeable or lasting odours. Should any sealer leave a slight odour it will dissipate within an hour of the service.
Epoxy Grout Pro service times are dependent on the service and scope of works required as some service can take as little as 1 hour up to days to complete. Fixed price services times are scheduled to commence at either 7am, 8am or 12 noon, Monday to Friday.
Will your technician be able to check our other wet areas and quote us if required whilst on-site?
The attending technician will inspect the required areas and if in a position will quote or phone the office from site to obtain a quoted figure for the work required. Should this quote be accepted the technician if possible will stay and carry out the required works.
Sorry, but we don’t do shower screen repairs or shower screen replacements, or tiling works.
We ask that the area be dry for the day of service so we suggest you put a container or bucket under the shower rose. Help us help you!

Epoxy Grout Pro offers a LIFETIME Warranty on our epoxy.
In reality we say our epoxy grout will last while ever the tiles remain bonded on the floor or wall.
The glue or adhesive has its own lifespan before crystalizing and the tiles start getting drummy. We will not reseal a shower if the tiles are debonded or drummy and this is one of the question you will asked during the initial conversation or consultation.

Epoxy Grout Pro technicians are able to accept cash, credit cards, or direct deposit whilst the tech is onsite. Jobs are payable on completion of the job.
You will receive your tax invoice, transaction receipt and warranty on completion.
We offer a product and workmanship warranty; Product implies Epoxy Grout. Workmanship implies the application of the epoxy grout.
Our warranty does not cover your built up scum, the shower going mouldy or sealants/grout discolouring over time. The grouts and sealants are mould inhabitant in majority of cases your mould is forming on the soap/body wash buildup or scum on the grout or sealants.
We do not cover against major building movement. The epoxy grout will withstand normal building movement and settlement as well as everyday expansion and contraction of the tiles during use.
We do not cover any plumbing, tiling, lipping or shower screen issues.
Please see our full warranty and terms here.